Tree Felling and Removal in Barnet

Tree felling is a complicated business that requires a lot of skill and experience. Although this process might sound as easy as cutting a tree, it’s not a task that amateur DIY enthusiasts should do. At Tree Surgeons Barnet, we are proud of our expertise in every area of tree removal.

Our team follows a set standard to carry out the necessary procedures as safely as possible. Every project we take undergoes an initial and thorough risk assessment.

Through this critical assessment, we’ll come up with a plan for your project. We are proud of our record regarding safety and avoiding damage. We offer all of our services to the entire Barnet and surrounding areas.

Why would I need Tree Felling?

Trees are a crucial part of the environment. Without trees, we wouldn’t have enough oxygen to breathe in. However, if a tree is weakened by disease or damaged, it can fall down and cause severe damage and loss to property and life. In Barnet, the winds that we experience can blow down a weakened tree. If assessment rules out any possible remedies for such trees, then cutting the tree is the only option.


When else might I need the services of a Tree Surgeon in Barnet?

Barnet has many green open spaces that include woodlands and forests. These areas need to be properly managed to encourage healthy trees from growing. You also need to know about the harmful effects of the overpopulation of trees.

If there are too many trees, the necessary sunlight for growth is blocked. Without sunlight, trees simply won’t grow. If there’s an overpopulation of trees, our expert felling surgeons in Barnet recommend tree removal, and thinning as the only options available.

What will happen to the Timber and Wood that is removed from my property?

The wood and timber that result from a successful tree felling project are always put to good use. We pass usable materials to local carpenters or local furniture builders. Branches and trunks can also get turned into wood chips to provide a safe play area to the local children of Barnet.

If a tree removal project is done on private land, the client retains any trees or resulting timber. Any trees that have disease will have to be disposed of. When it comes to disposal, we make sure that the process creates zero or, at the very least, minimum negative impact on the environment.

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